Heb jij ook een goed idee?

Incension Picnic Sesh

From the lack of fresh parties in Haarlem, Incension was born.

As the word means kindling or setting something on fire, that is exactly what the team’s goal is with the Haarlem night scene.

It is created by young house music enthusiasts whose dream it is to build a community around the genre.

As it looks like clubs are not gonna open anytime soon, the urge to party remains. That’s why we organised a small party outside at the Steve Biko Flat and at the Molenplas in Haarlem! With swimming pools, picnic area’s and some cold drinks!

Everyone had to bring their own dance floor (a picnic blanket) and drinks! We brought the music and the Dj’s!

—- Line-up —-
Brian Benjamin
Jollin’ Roint

Check our Insta for music and the site for updates.

Resultaat: Dansen op goede muziek
Fase: Afgerond