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We, an international group of young adults in Haarlem want to create value in the segment of mental health for young people in Haarlem! The aim is to build up a community in which people can meet others and learn something in the segment of mental health. 

During Covid especially a lot of young people struggled a lot with their mental health. We are a group of young students living in Haarlem and we’ve experienced it too. It was a hard time and we missed having a community or like minded people where we could talk about struggling with your mental health. That is why we want to build up a community in Haarlem in which people can meet others and learn in the segment of mental health. 

We started of Stealth with a confession room in InHolland. There was a therapist inside who you could talk to. Our next steps will be a conference/event every month that the people within the community and newcomers can join. These conferences include: guest lectures, meditations, work-outs, talking groups, parties to speed therapy. People are free to walk around and go to whichever session they want. One small caveat, everyone wears a (non-covid) mask, provided by Stealth.

These events will be hosted by different kinds of people, it will be completely voluntary. The aim will be to help and educate young people with their mental health issues. The events will be interactive among the young people, which gets them into the position to meet other young people who might deal with the same problems. 

Next to the events there will be a Discord group that all people could join. Within the Discord, the young people will have the possibility to talk about their mental health, and get to know others and grow the community. This is the main community hub, where everyone can exist in peace. This discord will also be used to monitor the effectiveness of stealth with polls, activities and useful links.

On our own site you can see upcoming events! Or check the Insta from STAD.

Resultaat: Create a community for mental health in Haarlem
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