Heb jij ook een goed idee?


Us;Our. was for (young) artists who wanted to expose their work. To be see, heard and acknowledged as artists. Sometimes it’s hard for artists to make a name for themselves, but I believe that they deserve a lot more attention. Rather than waiting to be discovered by some fantastical opportunity from a gallery, Us;Our. took it in their own hands to make that dream come true. 


My name is Chi, my full name and last name are not important. My artist name is Yumigudu. I am a 22 year old Surinamese artist/photographer/writer. I am someone who is passionate about self-expression, freedom, and independence. 


What happened during Us;Our.? The exhibition was open from 18:00 for people to check the expo out. At 20:00 there where two performances, and after that there two DJ’s, Hippolyte and Keyjun who closed the night.

We had a projection of an animation in the hallway, the performances where done on the first floor, and paintings and photographs and poetry on the second floor. There was a speaker hiding in the corners to play music for the expo, until the DJ’s where playing.

Why this?

The city and youth of Haarlem deserves such a daring movement. As I walk these big spacious streets of Haarlem, I walk as someone that feels like an international despite my nationality, and despite the fact that I speak dutch. When I walk in this city, I feel as if I am different. As if I do not belong. I only see one commonality–The inhibitors. Haarlem lacks diversity and culture. This is not only important, but DESERVING for the youth. Simply having a few museums and some ethnic restaurants does not offer a rich education for the youth or adults. This is strictly leisure and privilege. The goal of Us;Our was not to turn Haarlem into Amsterdam, but to give the youth the opportunity to show their creativity.

On Friday March 1st  this project took place at STAD Haarlem.

Resultaat: Een geslaagde expo met een vet feest
Fase: Afgerond